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C-Imaging - SimplePCI


0. Notices
1. Introduction
2. The System - Acquisition / Analysis
3. First Time Use
4. Operatio ns
5. Known Bugs
6. Links
7. 724-935-3600


0. Notices

Latest available version of SimplePCI on analysis workstation will be 6.6.  Image acquisition station have older versions of C-Imaging in order to maintain compatibility with specific microscope & imaging hardware.  These stations will be slowly updated.

1. Introduction

C-Imaging is the major general purpose image acquisition, processing & analysis program in the facility.  It drives digital cameras, analogue cameras, filter wheels, illuminator switchers (e.g. DG4, shutters), and other optical hardware including the spinning disk confocal.  It has the multiple functions of acquisition, automatic acquisition, image processing and image analysis.

2. First Time Use

3. Operations

4. Known Bugs

5. The Systems with C-Imaging

6. Links

7. More Methods:

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