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Perkin Elmer Yokogawa Nipkow disk confocal


This confocal system has a Yokogawa multiple lens Nipkow spinning disk scanner (CSU10), allowing it to capture confocal images rapidly with a minimum of excitation light.  Images are captured using a Hamamatsu OrcaER camera driven by the SimpelPCI software from Hamamatsu.  Excitation light is provided by a ~100 mW Krypton/Argon laser, which can excite at 488, 568 & 647 nm.  Imaging of FITC-like, Rhodamine-like, Cy5-like and similar fluorophores, including GFP, Calcium Green & Texas Red can be carried out.  A filter wheel changes emission filters.  A Prior motorized drive is attached to the fine focus knob for software control of z- position.  Transmitted light shutter permits widefield, DIC or phase contrast images to be interlaced with fluorescent image capture.  Acquisition modes can be combinations of z-series, time lapse, &/or multiple fluorophores.

The confocal head is mounted on a Nikon TE2000E inverted microscope.  Analysis software includes the Volocity 3D rendering & quantitation package & C-Imaging (including deconvolution on the \\Nomarski image processing workstation).  Images can be transferred directly over the network.


Operating the System


Objectives  (These are the objectives shipping with the confocal.  Other objectives will be available)
Mag. NA type WD corrections cover slip Immersion part no. dic/phase condensor Wollaston   
20x 0.75 S-Fluor 1.0 mm   0.17 (#1.5) air 93127      
40x 1.3 S-Fluor 0.22 mm   0.17 (#1.5) oil 93130      
100x 0.7-1.3mm S-Fluor 0.2 mm NA 0.17 (#1.5) oil        


Position # Label Fluorophore Filterset Specifics
1 ---- Trans - -
2 UV DAPI Nikon UV-1A  
3 B FITC, GFP Nikon B-2E/C Specifics
4 G Texas Red 96322 TR C109382  
5   CY5 96324M CY5 HQ  
not installed -  CFP 96341 HQ: CY GFP C77389 ex=D436/20 65555, em=HQ480/40 66403
not installed - YFP 96345 HQ: Y GFP C74135 ex=HQ500/20 60341, em=HQ535/30 Chroma 41028


Position # Label Fluorophore Filterset Specifics
1 B FITC, GFP Nikon B-2E/C Specifics
2 G Rhodamine Nikon G-2E/C Specifics
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