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Volocity - 3D & Time Lapse Viewing, Analysis, Quantitation, Tracking and Deconvolution
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What is Volocity:

Volocity (Perkin Elmer/formerly Improvision) is a 3D and time lapse (4D) imaging program for:

It can use data from diverse sources such as confocal microscopes & widefield microscopes.  Volocity can easily import z-series &/or time lapse image sequences with from the Zeiss 510/7x0 or Leica SP2/SP5/SP8 or Olympus FV1000 or Biorad or Perkin Elmer confocal programs with meta data, C-Imaging data, as well as .tif and other image format image series.

Where can it be Used:

Volocity is installed on the image processing workstations in the Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility:

Who Can Use Volocity:

Users will need to arrange to have access to this software from facility personnel before being able to use the license server.  Most users will use their MHmicroscopy user name and password, which must be activated for use with Volocity by facility personnel and is easily and quickly done.  If you do not have an MHmicroscopy account please fill out this New User Information form and then contact Michael or Neal.  Visualization and Quantification and Restoration (deconvolution) licenses will cost $3.00, $5.00 & $6.50 per hour for 1, 2 & 3 modules respectively.  Much analysis done only requires one license and not two or all three.  The Volocity LE viewer and image database organizer is free, but an activated account and connection to the licence server is required. 

License Availability:

Volocity module licenses are available individually on a first come first served basis to users with Volocity activated MHmicroscopy accounts.  Licenses availability is shown at:   (or

Getting your MHmicroscopy account activated or a new account for using the Volocity License server:

  Volocity license availability: 

1.  Using Volocity

1.1  Connecting to the license server:


1.2  Opening/Creating a Volocity Image Library:

Loading Images  |  Displaying orthogonal view  |  Rendering  |  Creating a movie sequence

1.4  Viewing Modes

1.5  Enhancements/Filtering

1.6  Selections/cropping

2.  Access to Volocity (Accounts)

Please contact MHMF personnel in order to setup an account or have your existing MHmicroscopy account enabled for Volocity on the license server.

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