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Upcoming Seminars & Courses on Microscopy and Imaging

Dec 4-8 Light Microscopy for Biomedical Research Thurston Bowles, UNC Chapel Hill, NC
April 16, 23, 30, May 7, 14 An Introductory Guide to Light Microscopy - presented by MHMF 321 MacNider Building, UNC, Chapel Hill
Sept 24-28 Light Microscopy for Biomedical Research (LMBR) UNC Chapel Hill, NC
Feb 19 An Introduction to FRAP and Photobleaching - Chris Baumann - 1:00pm Thurston-Bowles 3200, UNC, Chapel Hill
July 16 & 17 Lasers & Microscopy users' group at UNC Chapel Hill  -  Registration  UNC Chapel Hill, NC
Sept 22-26 Light Microscopy for Biomedical Research (LMBR) UNC Chapel Hill, NC
Jan 30 Fluorescence Imaging of Cellular Structures @ Molecular Optical Resolution - Chris Cremer -  9:00 AM 321 MacNider Hall
March 10-12 Zeiss Microscopy & Imaging Workshop Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel
March 23 Light field photography and microscopy  Marc Levoy 4:00 PM 011 Sitterson Hall
July 14 & 15 Lasers and Microscopy 124 Taylor Hall, UNC
Aug 27 & 28 South East MultiPhoton Excitation conference DHMRI, Kannapolis, NC
Sep 21-25 Light Microscopy for Biomedical Research workshop UNC, Chapel Hill
Sep 22-25 Force Measurement and Manipulation in Biological Microscopy UNC, Chapel Hill
Oct 28 Dynamics of Secretion studied by TIRF, Daniel Axelrod, Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Chapman 125, UNC
Sep 22-25 Essential Confocal Microscopy Workshop Exton, PA
Nov 24-27 Light in Life Sciences Melbourne Australia
Dec 14-16 Center for Biomolecular Imaging - New Directions in Microscopy and Southeast Ultrafast Conference (SEUFC) Duke U., Durham, NC
2010 Duke
Jan 28 Super Resolution and High Speed Imaging with the Delta Vision OMX". Paul Goodwin, Technical Fellow, Applied Precision Instruments. 09:30 AM, 124 Taylor Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill
Feb 16 Super-resolution microscopy - ELYRA, Maya Everett, Zeiss (Neuroscience mini-series) 12:30 AM  124 Taylor Hall
Apr 15 CHANL Open house 243 Chapman Hall, UNC
May 18 "New Dimensions in High Performance Colocalization
"3D Live Cell Confocal Imaging with the UltraVIEW VoX"
 - presented by Perkin Elmer
2035 Bondurant Hall
May 18-21 Carolina Workshop on Force Measurements and Manipulation in Biological Microscopy UNC, Chapel Hill
May 24-26 South Eastern Microscopy Society meeting flier Francis Marion, Charleston, SC
July 13 Lasers and/or Microscopy Users group - all are welcome to present or attend. 124 Taylor Hall, UNC Chapel Hill
July 20 A short introduction to continuous wave STED - Charles Hemphill (Leica). Preparing your samples for the STED - Myriam Gastard (Leica). 3:00 PM 124 Taylor Hall
Aug 02 to 13 STED demonstration. See Neal or Michael about sample preparation, secondaries and mounting instructions.
Sep 17 Optical Studies of the Neural Circuits Underlying Somatosensation - Karel Svoboda 12:00 PM Pierre Morell Research Day
Sept 24 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz 4:00 PM Cell & Molec. Physiology Research day
Jan 26 Alex Deiters "Regulation of Biological Process with small molecules and light" 12:00 PM - 125 Chapman Hall (Chemistry)
Jan 26 Greg Matera  12:00 PM - 124 Taylor Hall
Jul 12 & 13 Lasers and Microscopy 124 Taylor Hall
Feb 01 to 06 Nikon A1 confocal microscope demonstration in the Thurston Bowles bldg. Enquiries - Michael or Jim Sanzo 5125 Thurston Bowles
Apr 18 Clare Waterman - Integration actin dynamics and adhesion in cell migration.  201 Coker Hall
May 02 Olympus FV1000 Multiphoton confocal: Introducing the system and its capabilities .  All welcome.  This system is funded by an NC Biotechnology Center Grant. 9:15 AM - 3200 Thurston Bowles
May 02 Olympus FV1000 Multiphoton confocal: Try out your samples! Demonstrations Monday May 2 from   Please contact Michael or Neal in order to make an appointment. 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 1:30 to 5:00 PM - 6033 Thurston Bowles.
Jul 14-15 Multimodal NLO Microscopy Symposium/Workshop Perdue, IN
Nov 03 "Optical Super resolution Microscopy - A review of how they work, suitable applications and some practical limitations", Duncan McMillan, Carl Zeiss 10:30 AM  1131 BioInformatics Auditorium
Nov 03 "Correlative Microscopy - Linking Information from Light Microscopy and Electron Microscopy", Jerry Lehman, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, 02:00 PM 02:00 PM  1131 BioInformatics Auditorium
Nov 09 Applied Precision/GE talks-
Fixed and live cell fluorescent imaging with the Delta Vision" - 9:00AM
"Expanding the Boundaries of High-Content Analysis", GE Healthcare Life Science - 10:00AM
Nov 09-11 Delta Vision Elite Microscope and IN Cell Analyzer 2000  demonstrations in the DV Bus - rsvp to: The Hamner Institute, 6 Davis Drv, RTP, NC 27709
Jan 12 & 13 South Eastern Ultra Fast Conference University of Central Florida
Jan 21-26 SPIE Photonics West Moscone Center San Francisco, California United States
Jan 21-26 Multiphoton Microscopy in in the Biomedical Sciences XII - SPIE Photonics West Moscone Center San Francisco, California United States
Apr 04 to 12 Leica - Super Resolution ground state depletion demonstration Duke, Durham, NC
May 11  Superresolution Structured Illumination Microscopy and PhotoActivation Localization Microscopy 2:30 PM 124 Taylor Hall
May 14 Optogenetics: Development and Application, Karl Deisserot, Stanford - (Perl Prize) 3:00 PM Watts Alumni Center
May 15 "Probing the Properties of Macromolecular Assemblies in Live Cells with Single Molecule Imaging and Manipulation", Maxime Dahan, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris 4:00 PM 1131 Bioinformatics Bldg
May 07 - June 17 Zeiss super resolution fest  
May 17 Nikon super resolution light microscopy - Storm & SIM -  - Seminar flyer - Nikon flyer 10:00 AM  G-010 Bondurant Hall
Aug 09 Lasers and Microscopy User Group Meeting 124 Taylor Hall
Feb 07 1. “Organization and function of DC-SIGN nanodomains: from plasma membrane to endosomes” Alessandra Cambi; and 2. “From nano to meso-scale organization of DC-SIGN: a relationship between large scale ordering and dynamics” Maria Garcia-Parajo 1:00 to 2:00 PM 124 Taylor Hall:
Apr - May Zeiss 780 Confocal Microscope demo. in room .  Please bring samples!  Scope can also do tiling and FRAP or photoactivation.  6033a Thurston Bowles
Apr 16 Perl Prize  Professor Edvard Moser and Professor May-Britt Moser “the discovery of key principles governing the internal representation of space and episodic memory”  3:00 PM G202
Jun 3 Ground State Depletion microscopy and sample preparation  - Lecture.  Noon 124 Taylor
Jun 17 - 26 Ground State Depletion microscopy demonstration June 17 - 26.  Please bring your samples.  Sample prep. questions: Robyn.   Scheduling Vernon Kirk Room 6129 Thurston Bowles
Jul 9 - 25

Leica SP8 confocal demonstration. Bookings:  813-220-0805 or Michael

 6129 Thurston Bowles. 
Sep 20 Probing Molecular Interactions with Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy: Wolfgang Becker of Becker & Hickl.  1:00 PM  G202 Med. Sci. Res. Bldg.
Oct 31 GE Imaging day: GE demo. bus @ near EPA bldg Mason Farm Rd 1 to 3 PM Talks 9:00 to 12:00 Pagano Room
Nov 13 Nikon A1r Confocal microscope demonstration. Contact Jacob Sawyer or Michael if you want a test drive. 6th Thurston Bowles
Nov 25 Quantitative Multicolor Super-resolution Imaging of Bacterial Proteins in 3D - Andreas Gahlmann 12:45 PM Chapman 125


Feb 27  "Dynamics of Living Systems: From Actin Waves to Cell Migration", Wolfgang Losert, Biophysics UMD  11:00 AM 124 Taylor Hall
Mar 04 Navigating the Cellular Landscape with New Optical Probes, Imaging Strategies and Technical Innovations", Jennifer Lippincott Schwartz, NICHD, NIH 4:00 PM Coker Hall
Mar 05 "3D Structured Illumination Imaging with GE’s DeltaVision OMX", Dr. Patrina Pellet, GE Healthcare 4:00 PM 124 Taylor
Mar 06 Reconstructing Nervous System Development and Function Using Light-sheet Microscopy", Philipp Keller, Janelia Farms 12:30 PM 1131 Bioinformatics
Mar 27 Marsico Hall dedication 3:25 PM Marsico Hall lobby
Apr 29 to May 1 Laminar is a high throughput whole slide scanner demonstrated at 6033a Thirston Bowles.  It does fluorescence and transmitted light montage imaging using 20x to 40x dry objectives.  Please contact Dan or Michael to discuss the system or collect your slide images run on the system. 6129 Thurston Bowles
May 07 3-D GSD super resolution microscopy system demonstration May 7 to extended to May 23 at . Bookings: Vernon Kirk 919-904-0738. Sample preparation: Robyn Schlicher 404-938-0225 6033a Thurston Bowles
May 28

Zeiss Lightsheet talk and demonstration.  Demos May 29 & 30 by arrangement with Bill Faught.

10:30 AM 3503 Thomas Hall (Stephens Room), NC State


Past events

  Molecular Probes list of Courses and Workshops on Fluorescence Applications.


General Seminar Series at UNC

Periodic Departmental/Center/Group Seminars at UNC - Typical times & locations

Check specific links for exact time and location

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  11:00 AM Biochemistry BioInf 1131     9:00 AM CF Center 1301
  12:00 PM MHI 0202 MBRB     10:00? AM Gene Therapy Center
12:00 PM C Biol. Physiology 0202 MBRB 12:30 PM NeuroSci Mini Series 124 Taylor Hall 12:00 PM C Biology & Physiol 124 Taylor Hall (see: Medical School Calendar ) 12:30 PM Neuroscience Center 1131 Bioinformatics Bldg 12:00 PM Gen & Mol Biol G100 Bondurant Hall 
12:30 PM Alcohol Studies 124 Taylor 9:30 AM Micro Immuno     12:30 PM C & D Biol. in house series 124 Taylor Hall
  4:00 PM Biology 201 Coker Hall
4:00 PM Pharmacology 1131 Bio Informatics
4:00 PM (1st Wed of the month) Cytoskel & Biol 2035 Bondurant Hall    
  5:00 PM monthly Synapse Club 124 Taylor or 101 Bryon bldg      
* Location somewhat variable

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