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Snell - Image Processing Workstation

Location: 6129 Thurston Bowles

Image Processing Workstations:  Schott  |  Brewster  |  Nomarski  |  Snell



Snell is a high performance PC optimized for graphics.  This 2.13 GHz Duo Pentium 4 PC with 2 GByte of RAM runs WindowsXP and has various specialized and general purpose image processing software is installed on it, as well as a 256 MByte accelerated OpenGL graphics card (8X AGP bus).  This computer is called \\SNELL and is a member of the MHMICROSCOPY domain.  Off campus VPN access requires knowing the i.p. number of this computer, which is  Hence files can be accessed and transferred between the various user directories on the facility computers.  Also it can print to the HP M551N color printer over the network.


To logon onto this computer a username, password and domain must be entered.  All three must be correct, and, not only allow access, but also determines which shared resources on the network the user has access to.  This is particularly important for access to the domain server, \\MINSKY.  Users can obtain an account from Michael.

Remote Access:  A small number of users have been granted permission to make remote desktop connects to this computer. Since only one person at time may connect to this computer, due to Windows XP licensing rules, these users must make sure that they logoff (and not just disconnect) at the end of their remote terminal session on Snell, otherwise other users will be excluded from logging onto this computer remotely or at the keyboard console.  An administrator is required to boot off a user's session of they just disconnected from the computer rather than logoff.  For more information about this contact Michael.

Data Storage:

Users should save their data in a named directory in  C:\USERS   or  D:\   or a share on \\ or from other computers in the facility. The C:\users  and D:\  directories are shared on the Microsoft Windows Network as \\snell\users1, \\snell\users2 respectively (case is not important).  Access to this shared directory over the network requires an account on the MHmicroscopy domain.  Note that outside of the School of Medicine you may need to specify \\snell as \\  or \\ instead.  See Michael for more information.

USB 2 & Firewire 1394 & eSata connectors are available on the lower front and rear of the computer case.  USB key drives can be plugged in or external disk drives connected to the computer.

DVDs or CDs may be read or written.  Roxio 9 software is available for writing to CD-R/RW or DVD+/-R/WR disks.


Image Processing Workstations:  Schott  |  Brewster  |  Nomarski  |  Snell

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