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HP Color Laser Jet Printer (HP M551)

Location: 6129 Thurston Bowles

HP M551


The Hewlett Packard HPM551 is a fast, high resolution (1200 per inch) color laser jet single sided printer.  Color rendering is great for graphics and not too bad for photo micrographs.


The printer is located in room 6129 Thurston Bowles.   

Network Printing:

The printer is shared on the Windows/Microsoft network under MINSKY as HP1320-MHMF.

An MHmicroscopy account name and password will grant network access through the network share of this printer.  (\\Minsky\HP551n  a.k.a.  \\\hp551n)

See a facility director about print driver issues or if you do not already have an MHmicroscopy account.


Connecting to the print share requires an MHmicroscopy account.

On first time connection to the share a suitable driver may download automatically.  If not facility personal can locate drivers.


All print jobs are logged.  There is a $0.07 per side print charge.

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