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Requirements for New & Existing Users

 All new users should read this page  

Trial run of samples:

Current or prospective users are welcome to discuss test running new types samples/staining/techniques.  There is usually no charge for this.  Contact facility personnel for more information or to make an appointment.

Assisted Scanning:

Please contact us if you would rather have us assist you with scanning instead of receiving training on the microscopes.  For those doing little scanning or infrequent scanning this is a cost and time effective alternative to being trained to run the equipment independently.  Of course trained users may still request assistance, and are encouraged to, when carrying out new, complex or difficult procedures, or just would like a refresher.


1. Users wishing to use equipment that they have not been instructed on by facility personnel are required to arrange for training session(s).  No training is required to use the image processing workstations (\\Nomarski, \\Snell, \\Zernike, \\Yooung).  Training is offered on various software packages, e.g. Volocity, C-Imaging, VidEdit, Photoshop.

2. Initial Training sessions:

3. Once training is completed log on access to the equipment along with a booking calendar ID number will be given.  Experienced users may request after hours facility access.

 All users are required to know the policies linked to below 

New users must fill out the form(s) linked to below 

4. All new users will be asked to complete this form: user information.

5. Users may enter or update billing information here: billing information.  Please contact us if you change labs.

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